Afie Lattimer 

      —   Freedom is the nature of Divine Love.

About Afie

Afie Lattimer holds a degree in health science education with a specialization in community health, teaching, and counseling. She has been clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyant, and clairaudient since childhood. Afie earned her degree from the University of Florida and is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher.

Afie always felt a connection to God. At the age of 12, she began receiving messages and visions from the Divine and Spirit, which marked the beginning of her awakening journey. Shortly thereafter, a very memorable message came to Afie in a dream in which she saw a brilliant Light from the Divine that she was drawn to while others in the dream were afraid. Afie recognized the extraordinary radiance as God speaking to her about His infinite and Unconditional Love for us all. She also knew that these people were so fearful because they were disconnected from who they truly are and that her life purpose was to help them free themselves from misery and fear.

Years later, Afie fully experienced the power of this message in crossing over to the other side during the delivery of her second child. As she passed the veil, she again encountered the radiant Light from her youth and felt the Divine’s extraordinarily powerful Love. On the other side, she was presented with the choice to either remain there in safety and peace or return to finish her life’s work in the physical. Afie chose to return and complete her mission of spreading God’s Unconditional Love in this journey. Yet, the tasks of daily living soon distracted her from fulfilling her purpose.

As her awareness of and connection to the Divine continued to expand, she found a feather while out for her morning walking that was no ordinary feather. Not only was the color not of this world but the feather spoke to Afie about the freedom of the Spirit from the ego’s madness and the true origin of her Soul.

Days later, her awakening journey culminated in the full awareness of her Soul’s Source. During a trip to the beach with her family, she followed her guides’ instructions to wake up early and watch the sunrise. As Afie describes the event:

  When the sun appeared over the edge of the horizon, the world stood perfectly still. Everything stopped and merged into pure Unconditional Love and Joy. All judgment ceased and I was in the full TRUST of DIVINE HANDS! The whole world disappeared as my Oneness with God was all that existed. The only thing I felt was the Power of Unconditional Love! And this Love is present all the time; 24 hours a day from our dear Father, the Divine God. The full awareness of my Oneness with God was so powerful and overwhelming that I could not stand on my feet. The Power of His Love was so massive and so beautiful!!! I cannot fully describe it. I went to my True True True Freedom…. It was was a Miracle....  

These awakening experiences along with Divine Guidance have shaped Afie’s approach to her Energy Healing and Intuitive Counseling and Spiritual Guidance work. She seeks to empower individuals and lead them to the flow of Hope. By seeing the whole story of how people have arrived at their current place in life, and the underlying causes of difficult situations that people encounter, she is able to shift people’s direction to the present moment where we achieve full consciousness and awareness of the choice between the ego and Freedom.

Afie lives with her family in Maryland, outside of Washington, DC.

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