Afie Lattimer 

      —   Freedom is the nature of Divine Love.

Spiritual Awakening

By intuiting messages and guidance, revealing the lessons behind life’s challenges, connecting you with the Divine and spiritual guides, uniting you with your higher self and inner voice, she teaches you in these classes how to cross the bridge from fear to peace and reach Love and forgiveness. In this process, she will show you how to discipline the ego to invite miracles into your everyday life.

Afie channels the energy of Unconditional Love from the Divine during her Spiritual Awakening classes. In addition, she utilizes her intuitive gifts and energy healing work to provide you with tools to bring yourself peace and freedom. As a result, you are is released from the disempowering feelings of hopelessness and anger to be reborn in the ancient, loving Hands of the Divine.

The price for Spiritual Awakening classes is $80 per hour. You may pay for services on-line.

The Events Calendar lists the dates of all upcoming classes.