Afie Lattimer 

      —   Freedom is the nature of Divine Love.

Intuitive Counseling & Spiritual Guidance

When we breathe together, it will bring the smell of the roses of Heaven.

In the course of everyday living, we often lose sight of who we really are, why we are here, and what our life purpose is. When this happens, we experience fear, anger, sadness, or depression. In facing these feelings, we come to know our true Self, which opens all of the doors to Heaven along our journey. As these doors open, we move from fleeting moments of happiness to sustained peace and joy, in turn bringing us all that we desire and more.

What to Expect in a Session

Afie is able to see the whole story of how you have arrived at your current place in life, and examine the underlying causes of difficult situations that you'r encountering. With the help of her spiritual guides and messages from the Divine, Afie provides information and insights to help you face your fears and challenges and show you shortcuts and tools to align with pure Love and Joy. Moreover, in working with your guides, she is able to cut cords of fear and negative energy. Consequently, Afie’s insights and tools facilitate positive results in dealing with life challenges, such as depression, trauma, loss, grief, anger, guilt, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and shame. Her aim is to shift your direction to that which is more positive and desirable and free your Soul from madness.

Couples Sessions

These insights and tools also work for people experiencing difficulties in their relationships with significant others, family members, or business partners. Whether considering a separation or seeking to understand the dynamics of a relationship, Afie uses her intuitive abilities to uncover the root cause of issues and assist with interpersonal communication and decision-making to create optimal outcomes.

Please note that Afie is not a licensed medical professional. Always consult your healthcare provider before making any changes to your treatment plan. Afie makes no claims about the ability of intuitive counseling and spiritual guidance to cure illnesses nor does she diagnose medical conditions.

Goals and Session Outcomes

The goal is to empower you to be able to help yourself following the sessions in dealing with challenging life situations. From these sessions, you will learn:
  • Tools and techniques to increase inner peace tailored to your needs!
  • How to release fear and anger!
  • How to break down barriers and deal with your ego and darkness!
  • How the world feels and looks without your ego!
  • Tools to show you that pain and sorrow have no power over you!
  • How to shift from temporary joy to permanent joy and happiness!
  • How to choose happiness without struggling to be happy!
  • How to stay present at all times!
  • How to become one with stillness!
  • How to build your connection with your beautiful Self!
  • How to manifest what you desire!
  • How to hear our inner voice!
  • How to become friends with your feelings!
  • How to listen to our guidance and use our emotions as such!
  • The meaning of true forgiveness and how to use it!
  • Ways to stop the nonsensical chatter of the mind!
  • How to see Divine Love in everyone!
  • How to incorporate these tools into your everyday life!
The price for an intuitive counseling and spiritual guidance session is $80 per hour.

Remote sessions are also available over the telephone for $80 per hour.

You may pay for services on-line.