Afie Lattimer 

      —   Freedom is the nature of Divine Love.

Regression & Progression

Time appears to pass in a linear manner such that we experience the phases of birth, life, death, and reincarnation in sequential order. In actuality, the past, present, and future occur simultaneously, which means that even though we experience ourselves living in the present moment, events from the past and future, as well as past and future lifetimes, affect our lives today.

The subconscious mind holds all of our memories, events, and experiences from every lifetime. Their impact is often outside of our conscious awareness yet they are very powerful in guiding and directing our current thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, preferences, behavior, and reactions in the present.

When we are ensnared in the web of karma, our unforgiving choices can manifest in our current lives in countless ways, such as:
  • Physical ailments and illnesses;
  • Psychological and emotional issues;
  • Phobias;
  • Relationship challenges;
  • Limiting beliefs and perceptions; and
  • Recurring, self-defeating patterns.
In uncovering and facing these painful experiences, you can begin to understand the root cause of your present issues and challenges. This awareness makes the choice of forgiveness much easier and, as a result, facilitates profound healing in the present, as well as in all directions of time.

Ultimately, this unique healing process allows you to clear all of your fear and anxiety carried over from the past, freeing you to evolve and enter the next chapter of your life. Once you detangle the web of karma, you are released from all physical and emotional pain and reach the beauty of you we are in the present moment.

The price for a past life regression or future life progression is $160 for a two-hour session.
You may pay for services on-line.