Afie Lattimer 

      —   Freedom is the nature of Divine Love.


“I have been on a journey to be the type of person I want to be. Afie makes this transformation easier than I ever imagined. Afie's insight into life, people, and love provide guidance, inspiration, and confirmation. Participating in her weekly sessions at The Wellness Community has provided me with the skills to enjoy life. Afie is truly gifted not only in understanding the secrets of happiness and love, but of emitting energy that results in the happiness and love being experienced by others. As a scientific and analytical person, I was somewhat skeptical that ‘energy healing’ could have any positive results. But I was open-minded enough to attend Afie's sessions. I am now totally convinced that Afie does have a gift that radiates from her, and leaves me feeling relaxed, content, and pain-free. Afie has helped me learn to love myself, love others, see beauty in the world, and experience happiness.”

-Lawrence, Maryland

“Since I have been coming to hear Afie speak at her workshops, I have been feeling more relaxed and at ease with my life, and have been facing situations with a new positive outlook."

-Linda, Maryland

"Prior to meeting Afie, I had been seeing several energy healers to help me overcome many fears and limiting beliefs that have been causing me a lot of stress. Even though I had been working with these healers, I still struggled a lot. I attended one of Afie's weekly seminars and I was immediately drawn to her light after hearing her speak…. After one private session with Afie, I was amazed at how different I felt. I instantly had a shift and felt a heavy burden was lifted. I felt calmer through out my day and gained insight on how to deal peacefully with the challenges that I faced daily in my life. Her energy work is amazing and transformational. I truly feel blessed to have met her and receive her healing."

-Rachael, Maryland

"When I meditate, I feel like I enter a state of nothingness. I have learned to quiet my mind of the thoughts and worries that I usually experience. I feel sometimes like I am flying. My soul dances and I have felt a swirling that is indescribable. As I take part in Afie’s workshop, I’m learning how to love my self and others, choose happiness, and receive all the things I want from the universe as if I am a queen. Now I believe in everyday miracles. I am thankful to Afie for showing me how life can be great."

-Elnaz, Maryland

"I have met other intuitives and healers, including some who are very well-known, before working with Afie. Yet, no one that I know of possesses the diversity of abilities and knowledge that make her such an incredibly versatile, unique, and profound healer and teacher. Her crystal clear insights, astounding accuracy, and combination of talents are entirely unparalleled. She has given me and my family uplifting messages from lost loved ones that prove we are never really apart and that all things, even tragic, happen in divine order. Similarly, an intuitive counseling session with Afie is not a simple laundry-list of possible future life events but a transformative healing experience that frees you from the root causes of self-limiting beliefs and feelings of powerlessness. She places you back in the driver's seat of your life. In opening my eyes to the truth of my seeming problems, it is impossible to go back to living and perceiving myself and the world in the same way as before. Truly her work is not of this world and opens the door to the world beyond this one."

-Jennifer, Washington, DC

"Working with Afie has given me the opportunity to live in a new world of freedom. Her teachings give definition and meaning to many issues I felt would be holding me back for the rest of my life. Afie showed me that everything I was experiencing was part of my own creation, based off the idea that there is no excuse or external influence for my state of being. Afie can explain how to connect with one’s ‘higher self’ and break free of the trap our co-created ‘egos’ place us in. Once you experience the freedom and love, whether it be during meditations, meetings, or energy healing sessions, you will never want to return. We all can make the choice to change our lives and take control of our destinies. You can begin your journey to find your true self with Afie. She will expose you to a whole new perspective that you may have never considered before."

-Sina, Maryland

"I began my journey with Inner Peace and Healing in 2014. I consider our weekly sessions both reaffirming and reassuring in the healing process. All members of the group are welcomed in a warm and loving atmosphere. The messages that Afie offers lead us to share our thoughts and feelings. We learn from each other and grow. I appreciate exploring different types of meditations. Each experience helps us to go deeper within and to connect with peace and love. Inner Peace and Healing is a wonderful blessing in my life! "

-Lola, Maryland

"I have met with Afie for Spirit Life counseling several times and looking forward to more. Afie has amazing ability to give me insights/techniques to apply to my life just when I need them most. I have not had the privilege of tapping into most of her spiritual abilities... yet, so have much more to look forward to. She has given me tools to develop peace and serenity like no one ever has before at just the right time in my life. And at age 77, I have had a lot of spiritual knowledge pass my way and know she is the best!"

-John, Maryland

"Afie is a spiritual teacher who radiates love and light. She shares her beautiful soul with those around her. She is accepting of everyone and never judgmental. In our workshops, she guides us in meditation and demonstrates tools to help us grow spiritually. Even if the tools seem foolish at first, they are powerful in ways that become ever more apparent with time. No matter how spiritually aware or unaware a person is, Afie has a way of helping each one on his or her own level. I feel truly blessed to know Afie and so grateful to have the chance to attend her workshops."

-Elizabeth, Maryland

"I always look forward to Afie’s workshops. The wonderful meditation with drums, bells, candles and the aroma of roses brings such tranquility to my mind. But most of all I look forward to her weekly message always filled with wisdom, humor and personal anecdotes about her own challenges professionally and personally. It is through these candidly told stories that Afie has inspired me to bring positive changes in my life and improve my health and relationships. She has guided me to identify negative stories we tell ourselves and to break the habit. She has taught me to aspire to always speak from a place of Love. She has encouraged me to be open-minded and to listen to the lessons the world around us hold including pain, fear, anger and sadness. Afie has inspired me to be brave, assertive and optimistic, to laugh more, love more and to be more in touch with nature. I am very grateful to have met Afie, she has been a true healer to me who has guided me to live a more balanced life and to find within me both strength and tranquility."

-Claudia, Maryland